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Jajosty village

The name of the settlement is probably derived from the first settler. His name „August” was pronounced here as „Jałgust”, which later might have become the name of the village Jajosty.

„The August” settlement was soon joined by other pioneers, who started clearing the forest in the area and built the first houses there.


The oldest mention of the settlement is found in the Urbarium of the State of Pszczyna in 1586, where it is listed in the category of „newly built villages” as „Jagost”. At the beginning of the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648), the village became deserted and new inhabitants replaced the previous ones. In the urbarium of 1629, now under the name „Yayjust”, the village was said to be newly settled by homesteaders who came from Bijasowice. In 1846, the feudal charges against the Dukes von Pless were abolished.

Lipowiec and The Colony

In 1876, Jajosty was divided by the Pszczyna road. Then the northern part of the village was named „Lipowiec”. The term „Kolonia” appeared a little later, when farmers coming from the depths of Germany settled in the area.


The settlement Kolonia belonged administratively to the town of Bieruń. Jajosty belonged to the Bijasowice municipality until 1945. Between 1945 and 1954, it was part of the Bieruń Nowy commune. From 1954 to 1977, it was annexed to Bojszowy. In 1977, it became part of Tychy. Since 2 April 1991, both Jajosty and Kolonia have been districts of the independent city of Bieruń.

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