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ENG - Village of Bijasowice

Village of Bijasowice

The settlement was first mentioned in 1360. A Silesian horses stud was founded there by the Promnitz family in mid-17th century, however, it was moved to Wisła Wielka in 1710.



The first mention of Kopań dates back to 1586. Until 1742 it was a commune and later a hamlet of Bijasowice.



This village was first mentioned in 1517. At the end of the 19th century, Porąbek became a part of Bijasowice.


Manor buildings

A manor house and farm were built in Bijasowice in the second half of the 17th century. The remains of the landscape park, a manor house, a stable, and a residential outbuilding have been preserved to this day. After the subdivision in 1922, some of the farm buildings were separated and transformed into independent habitat farms.


Kopań dyke

The dyke was made in the 17th century to protect the nearby agricultural lands from the waters of the historical Kopań Pond. 


Central Coal Port

Around 1977 work was started to build the Silesian Canal connecting the Vistula with the Oder and the Central Coal Port. The port was to be built in Bijasowice (the area of Tychy at that time). The port construction was started around 1979, however, it was stopped at the beginning of the 1980s.


The 2010 flood

Bijasowice and a large part of Bieruń Nowy were flooded as a result of breaking the Gostynka River embankment. The flood caused tremendous material losses.


Mini arboretum

It was created in 2015 in a degraded area of the manor house. The area of the park is over 5 ha of arranged greenery including thematic gardens.

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