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ENG - Czarnuchowice Village

Czarnuchowice Village

Czarnuchowice is situated at the confluence of the Vistula and the Przemsza. It is probably named after its founder. During the period 1165 to 1176, the village was owned by a knight- Jaxa of Miechów. In 1472 Czarnuchowice was mentioned by Jan Długosz [Johannes Longinus] in his “Liber Beneficiorum”. In 1780 there were a manor farm, five saddle farms and four smaller villein lands here. At that time the population of Czarnuchowice was 26 residents. In 1861 this number increased to 131 people and the settlement comprised 24 houses and 40 farm buildings.

A brick factory producing bricks and roof tiles was founded here in 1875.

Since 1932 Czarnuchowice was an independent commune, then it was incorporated into Nowy Bieruń, and in the post-war years into the Bieruń Stary commune. In 1975 the latter was incorporated into Tychy. Czarnuchowice has been a part of the town of Bieruń since 1991.


Oxbow lakes

There are Vistula oxbow lakes preserved in the area of Czarnuchowice, constituting a valuable component of the local nature.


The 1997 flood

Shortly after midnight on July 9, Czarnuchowice was flooded as a result of breaking the Przemsza River embankment. The flood caused tremendous material losses - in some areas water level reached as high as 3 metres.


Our Lady of the Rosary roadside shrine

The shrine was built in 1956 as a votive offering of the founder, Franciszek Balion, for saving his life during World War II and for his recovery from a serious illness.

After the 1997 flood, the water level at that time was marked on the shrine wall.

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