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Urząd Miasta Bierunia

The St. Barbara church

The St. Barbara churchThe St. Barbara church is the newest church in Bieruń. The need to construct another temple arose a few years after the opening of "Piast" Coal Mine in Bieruń in 1975 and the construction of two housing estates for the coal mine's employees. The cornerstone for the construction of this church was blessed by pope John Paul II, during his second pilgrimage to his motherland, on the 20th of June 1983 at Katowice- Muchowice airport. The construction of the church was finished in 1998, eleven years since the commencement of construction works. The church of Saint Barbara, the patron of all miners, is characterized by its modern outline with a big two-side roof descending almost to the temple's foundation. On the chancel ceiling the visitors can admire paintwork presenting a number saint persons. They were made during the years 1995 -1996 by an artist from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, professor Stanisław Kluska. During the years 1995 - 1996 he also painted the mosaic situated on the altar wall presenting the triumphing Christ wearing sacerdotal dress with the cross in the background, four apostles and St. Barbara taking holy communion from the hands of an angel. What is more, professor Kluska is also the author of 14 painted stations of the Way of the Cross finished in 2008. Two bells were bought in July 1998, they are: 'St Barbara'-weighing 800 kg and 'St Christopher'- weighing 500 kg. The 29-vocal organ, bought in 1997-1999, of rich sound possibilities is of great importance to the church. The organ is used during both the services as well as organ music concerts. The works aimed at improving the decoration of the church and the architecture of the place have been still in progress.

 The St. Barbara churchThe St. Barbara churchThe St. Barbara church

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