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Utopce - rzeźby tajemniczych duchów z ludowych podań

‘The Drowned’ sculpturesBieruń is a town where lots of folk tales about the mysterious "Drowned" come from. We may even talk about a small mythology here. People believe that 'The Drowned' were spirits thrown down from the Heaven and inhabiting wetland areas. In the past the wetland area was an area of the Bieruńsko- Lędziński District called 'Frog Land' with many swamps and the Great Bieruń Pond (which was no longer there). According to the tales and legends, 'The Drowned' could take various forms: they could be animals, human beings, semi-human beings as well as inanimate objects. These abilities were frequently used for playing various jokes on the local society. The figures of 'The Drowned' situated on the well in the market square in Bieruń are to commemorate old beliefs and rich folk culture. The figures represent "The Drowned" in the form of an Old Drowned, a Young Drowned and a Duck.

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