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Urząd Miasta Bierunia

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The marketplace

The street layout of the Old Town is very specific to Bieruń as it is an example of a medieval town. It is composed of a nearly square marketplace, two streets emerge from its corners at a right angle, along with a parish church situated on the eastern side. The present buildings of the marketplace are clusters of single-storey residential buildings with various facades. During the years 2004- 2005 the marketplace underwent a complete redecoration and, consequently, it was distinguished in the contest for the Best Place of the Silesian Province 2005. During the redecoration a sun-dial as well as a monument of the Silesian Insurgents (modelled on the pre-war one) were centrally situated on the marketplace. What is more, also the outline of a historic municipal scale and a well with "Drowned Men" ("Utopce"), mysterious ghosts that are subject of numerous legends originating from Bieruń, have been located on the marketplace.

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